Foster Home Needed
3 years 1 month
62 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Paula Lackner 715-584-5961
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

George came into rescue with his buddy Sadie. His former owner could not handle both dogs inside so they ended up living outside. George is a happy, handsome guy who loves attention and will jump and jump and jump when he is by humans. Due to the lack of training George does not even know sit. But what he does have is a happy disposition with humans. In the process of working with him, we have discovered he does not have a fear of walkers, chairs, vacuum cleaners, etc.  So we started him on agility baby steps and he picked up on it immediately.  No issues going through the tunnel, jumping over the bars, standing on uneven platforms!  He'll do anything for treats. He likes to nibble on people's hands to let them know he would like attention. He needs work on training and being an inside dog.  We have gotten him to calm down and enjoy petting and being talked to quietly.  He also is good on walking on lead until he sees another dog. We call George, Mr. Nosy, as he has a great nose to smell treats on the counter or find something behind a chair or in a large toy box. Barn hunts may be another activity he would excel at.  One of his favorite things is to look at himself in a mirror. He knows he is handsome and loves to admire himself! Every day is learning something new and he is a smart dog. He does not like small dogs or cats. He needs a home with lots of patience but it will be all worth it because George is going to be an awesome dog.