Frankie -Colorado

3 years 7 months
60 lbs
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Fabulous Frankie! This spunky young lady is learning about the good life after a misspent youth tied up outside and unintentionally starting a family of her own.  Now she's finding out how great indoor life and loving interactive relationships with humans are.  She loves playing ball (or really playing almost any game, as long as it's with you!) and enjoys hanging out and playing with some doggie friends, as well as being comfortable with cats! She has a goofy sense of humor and loves to tell "jokes".  She is housebroken and crate trained. Frankie is still learning some of the ropes of this new world and needs a family who is committed to following through with a management and training plan to help her learn appropriate social skills both in the home and particularly with new dogs.  Frankie will succeed if she is placed in a home with:

A lower stimulation environment (i.e. quiet suburban or rural location)
Physical fencing (a must!), preferably 6' or higher
No other dogs
Older children (10+) or no children
A physically able adult handler(s) - she's strong!
An active family who are willing to modify routines for her as her skills develop (for example, choosing low traffic hiking trails etc.)
A family who is committed to continue working with her on her behavioral training