Ready for Adoption
10 years 4 months
65 lbs
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Matt at: phone: 636 538-030 or email Mjannings13@gmail.com
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Cat ok?: 

Fergie is a 10y/o spayed female Airedale/Standard Poodle mix. Fergie says 10 is just a number it hasn’t slowed her down at all. Her day to day mimics that of a puppy but with the maturity of an adult. She is up to date on her vaccinations and is a tall, lean, 65lb sweet girl.

 As a highly active dog, she requires daily walks. She enjoys the outdoors. She’s no stranger to swimming and loves being in the water. One of her favorite things to do is to fetch her disc golf Frisbee, and she can do it for hours, could you? But be aware it also involves keep away! She loves being with her person.

Fergie is not adjusting to the new baby in the house and the changes of uniting a new family. Lately, she has been known to become highly protective around strangers. Fergie will growl in uncomfortable situations and has snipped several times. It seems like her behavior is getting worst.

Fergie would like to be the only dog- she will get along with other dogs, but prefers all the attention of her human. No children.

If you are interested please contact Matt at: phone: 636 538-0304 or email mjannings13@gmail.com