Ready for Adoption
2 years 4 months
103 lbs
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Mary Huntsman at librariennex@gmail.com
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Cat ok?: 

Folks, Kentucky has the plug-and-play dude for you! Emmett will be two-and-a-half years old in June. His person loved him, but felt he needed more room than her tiny apartment and more attention than she could provide. This boy has it all: he’s crate trained, bell trained, obedience trained, sweet, friendly, energetic, loves to ride in the car, regularly groomed, and up-to-date on his healthcare. He’s been good with other bigger dogs at the dog park and is getting along with everyone at the kennel. It’s probably better that he not go to a home with a cat, as he constantly tried to get the cat he lived with to play with him, and ended up annoying the cat instead.

He does has two bad habits: he eats fabric, so don’t leave socks, undergarments, scarves, burp cloths, or other small textiles where he can get them, and he’s an epic counter-surfer, due to his height. He’d do best in an active home with a fenced yard. He does have some minor anxiety and takes medication for it. He was also used to a stay-at-home parent, so it would be awesome if someone who is home a lot would adopt him! He comes with two big bags of toys and his personal Kong bed. If he sounds like a match for you, please contact Mary Huntsman at librariennex@gmail.com