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4 years 10 months
88 lbs
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Contact Paula Lackner CampLackner@gmail.com
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Ella’s family wanted a better life for her so they contacted rescue.  Ella loves attention, is housebroken and likes to be groomed. She loves her walks and we use a martingale collar as she is a pro in backing out of a buckle collar.  

Ella gets very excited when she sees other dogs especially when she is on lead.  She will nip at the person if she gets overly excited.  Due to this she should not be around small children. Ella loves to play butt, tuck and run with male dogs but she does play rough as she likes to nip and body slam her playmate so she is better being an only dog. She is possessive of her toys and food around other dogs and will not tolerate them being near her items.  As you can see, she also needs to lose some weight so her new family needs to help her be active and monitor her food intake.  She weighs in at 88 pounds now! She loves people so are you up for helping this sweet girl?  She is waiting to hear from you.