6 years 9 months
73 lbs
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Jan Martin (720-938-1644), martinj622@hotmail.com
Phil Kelling (913-972-7662), pkelling8486@gmail.com
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Cat ok?: 

Daring Duke! This bright boy is learning about how to handle all the joy and power he carries in a very handsome 73-lb package.  He is 6 years old and came to ATRA through the loss of his owner.  He is looking for stability after being boarded for an extended period of time and bounced around to multiple homes.  He loves being with his people and running FAST!  He's neutral with other neutral dogs, but people are much more interesting to him.  He's a little too interested in cats and small dogs to share his home with them :) Duke has a big personality and a very active brain to match, so he needs an adopter who is committed to following through with a management and training plan to help him learn skills for getting what he wants in appropriate ways, but he's a fun guy with loads of potential!  

Duke's ideal placement:

·         Adopter with R+ (i.e., positive reinforcement) behavior modification experience (or at least enthusiasm to learn.)

·         Solid management skills- he needs to be on baby puppy rules (crated/confined or on a leash at all times when inside for a solid transition period until he's stabilized and built skills)

·         Ready access to a solid behavior consultant (virtual/distance consults might be enough)

·         Lower stimulation environment (rural or low-density suburban)

·         Physical fencing (a must!) preferably 6' or higher- he hasn't shown escape tendencies, but he really needs a place to get his ya-yas out! He's a very energetic guy!

·         Adults only or older teens 16+ in the home

·         Physically able adult handler(s) - he's strong!

·         Active, but willing to modify routines for him as his skills develop (for example, choosing low traffic hiking trails etc.)

·         If there are other dogs, medium to large, preferably adult (he's probably too pushy for senior dogs)

·         Duke is selective about other dogs and would probably be happiest as the only dog in the house.