Ready for Adoption
3 years 1 month
72 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Kathy Kitchen
Cat ok?: 

Duke is a loving sweet 2 ½ yo male.  He weighs 72lb and it is all muscle. He walks fine on leash. He only pulls in the beginning when he is excited and if he sees a rabbit/squirrel. We have worked on “no chase squirrel on leash” and it is getting better but the hooman will have to be alert!

He gets along with other dogs big and small. He is clueless to the smaller ones warning!! He doesn’t hurt them just keeps pawing at them trying to get them to play.

He is doing better with not taking things away that he wants from his foster parents. He is working on not marking in the house and is doing much better.

His foster Mom said he has been fun to train because he is so smart but he is also very challenging!! he loves playing with his toys. and he likes being with his people.

To Adopt:  You will need to be an ATRA approved home with your home visit done. And you will need to be able to drive a long way to pick him up. We will not be doing a normal ATRA transfer at this time.