Adoption Pending
1 year 5 months
45 lbs
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Dixie came into ATRA after she was hit by a car and required amputation of her right hind leg. She had her first birthday on December 1st and celebrated the holidays at the farm of one of the veterinary staff. We have also learned that she is resource guardy about toys, and that while she adores humans, she should be an only dog or possibly be placed with a very mellow large dog who is closer to her age- because she has a somewhat alpha personality.  She views any smaller animals such as little dogs, cats, chickens, et cetera, as prey. She has lived in the country most of her life and is accustomed to wide open spaces and livestock.

Dixie can be touchy about her food, so it's recommended that she be fed separately from other pets. She's a spunky, sweet little girl with a lot of years ahead of her; she loves to ride in the car, cuddle on the sofa, sleep in the bed, and she's good with children. Losing the leg has not slowed her down; she is 100% happy little Airedale. She's on the petite side and has a wonderfully charming natural tail that curls in a loop. The staff at the veterinary clinic adore Dixie, but we'd all like to find a foster or adoptive home for her. If you'd like more information about Dixie, please contact Kentucky Coordinator Mary Huntsman at librariennex@gmail.com or 606-224-9066.