Adoption Pending
8 years 3 weeks
79 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Mary O’Connell at marymo@thelounge125.com
Marsha Roush at dm3roush@earthlink.net.

Hello, I’m Darby, almost 8 years old  and  looking for a Forever Home.   My house manners are   wonderful,  no need to worry about me getting into things or on  your furniture  and  being loved on is my favorite activity.  I’m  a bigger Girl, about 72 lbs  and would love a fenced yard to  romp around and play.  Being almost perfect I do have one  problem area~ walking on a lead.   I’m with my trainer, new best friend Michael, currently,  so he can give me help in that area. I simply get over excited  when seeing another dog. I overheard Michael  say I’m a sweet, smart doggie and learn fast but am having trouble with that one area.   I am also great with older kids!

I’d love to live in a home  with  more than one person, I have so much love to give, and  not be left  for more than 4 hours at a time on a daily basis.   Living with another medium to large size laid back dog would be ok  if we were introduced properly but  please~ NO CATS.  I’ll be perfectly happy playing in my back yard….long walks where I meet strange dogs …or dog parks just aren’t my cup of tea.  I am great with older kids!

For more information, please contact Mary O’Connell at marymo@thelounge125.com or Marsha Roush at dm3roush@earthlink.net.