8 years 1 month
75 lbs
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Stephanie Callahan
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Copper is smart, playful and loves his people.  He also likes belly rubs. He wants to snuggle next to you and he turns on his back and opens his hips wide showing you he is ready for all the affection you can give. He does the funniest snuggle-downs where he lays his head and shoulders on the ground but sticks his rump in the air. It is so hilarious and goofy. He wants to be wherever you are.

He is crate trained and will go into his crate when he is ready to take a nap or go to bed.  He is afraid of thunder and wants to sleep right by your bed or be by your side when it thunders.

He LOVES to ride in the car and going for walks. 

He has gone to begining obedience training and got accolades for being the most improved dog. He is extremely smart and wants to have a job and wants to work and please. Of course he sits for treats, but here are all the commands he knows:

Sit: for treats or when he is roaming around the table and needs to relax.
Down: Lay down.
Wait: Sit at a door BEFORE opening it and then he is only allowed through when you say, “Okay.” He will often sit outside a door without being asked after a walk.
At meal time-Wait and OK:  “Wait,” sit before his bowl and then pour his food and he cannot begin eating until we say, “Okay. He eat twice a day (1 cup of food, morning and evening. AFTER we have finished eating). 

Copper is VERY proud of his ability to control himself before doors, treats, meals, etc.

Copper has a strong prey drive and does not listen to commands when he is off-leash or running free. Commands are completely forgotten and  canine instincts kick in when he is loose. He will need someone that will complete more training with him to get him response to commands outside.  He is a softie, lover with his humans but does not like other dogs or cats and cannot seem to greet dogs in a respectable manner.   He killed a raccoon and thought he killed an opossum (it played dead after he shook it and then it crawled off) that had the bad luck to wander into his yard. He is also a runner and will escape out the door, if given a chance.  His family must have a fenced yard, electric fences will not work with him.

Please email me with Copper in the Subject if you are interested in giving this sweet boy a home.  You must already be approved by your State Coordinator to be concidered.