Adoption Pending
2 years 2 months
46 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Mary Huntsman, Kentucky Coordinator, at, or 606-224-9066.

Cooper is the epitome of a textbook Airedale. He is two years old, has a beautiful bright-colored hard jacketed coat, 46lbs., and a winning personality. He was a stray found in Taylor County, Kentucky, and not reclaimed. He was adopted to a family but returned after a couple of weeks, because the lady had surgery and he kept jumping up on her port.

This little guy is gorgeous and HEALTHY! Frankly, we are shocked that no one came looking for him. He needs help with his manners, but he exhibited nothing besides friendly interest in the shelter’s office cats and dog (who did not return his curiosity- they didn’t want anything to do with him). He rode well in the car, was very good for his vet examination, and only got upset and sat down when the technician tried to get his temperature.

This is the little Airedale you see when you look at one in a breed guide. He may have some quirks that we don’t know about yet, but he’s young enough that it should be possible to train him to behave (as well as an Airedale can). He’s still energetic, but he wasn’t bouncing off the walls.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Cooper, please contact Mary Huntsman, Kentucky Coordinator, at, or 606-224-9066.