Adoption Pending
4 years 2 weeks
48 lbs
Contact for more information : or 270-348-2749 or 606-224-9066
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Cleo came to ATRA thanks to a veterinary clinic staff that bargained for her life. She came in with an infection so severe that she lost a front leg.  This does not slow our girl down! At three years old, she is energetic, sweet, friendly, and generally well behaved. Her foster mom said she was not destructive when left at home uncrated, and that she like to cuddle and sleep in the bed with her person. She and the resident senior female Airedale tag teamed mole hunting in the yard, with the older gal digging the hole and Cleo finishing the job. Unfortunately, both girls wanted to be the alpha, and there were disagreements over table food that led to fights, so Cleo is currently boarding at a kennel. Cleo should be an only dog, or could live with a mellow large breed male. She is small animal aggressive, so she needs a home with no small dogs, cats, rabbits, or other pets that she may view as prey. We have monitored her closely for signs of cancer from the infection in her leg, but there was no evidence of this at her last vet visit. Cleo can be timid at first, but when she warms up to you, she is lively, active, and a delight. She is a prime example of Airedale tenacity and spunk. She is breed standard size minus a foreleg. Please give this special needs girl a chance!

For more information, please contact Sandra Mauk, who fostered her at or 270-348-2749  or Mary Huntsman (ATRA Kentucky coordinator) at or 606-224-9066