Ready for Adoption
1 year 7 months
68 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Paula Lackner 715-584-5961
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Baxter is a young, spunky, happy-go-lucky Airedale who is looking for an active family to join his pack. Baxter is in a foster home which happens to be his fourth home in one year. His last home thought he was adorable but just too much energy for them. He is a bright, fun loving guy! He loves to play with other dogs or he can have just as much fun playing with toys by himself! He is very curious and will squeeze through the smallest, tightest spaces he can fit through if he thinks there may be something interesting there or just because he can! As with most young, energetic dogs, Baxter needs an active family who will include him in interesting activities that will stimulate his mind as well as plenty of physical activity.

Baxter is house and crate trained. When inside, once he has checked out all of the small areas to squeeze through and go behind, all he needs is a good chew bone to keep him occupied.

Baxter would do fine as an only dog if his people are able to give him the attention he needs and deserves. He would love to go to a reputable doggy daycare or an opportunity to play with other dogs if he is the only dog. Or he would love to have a doggy brother or sister as he loves to run and play with other dogs. We do not know if he is good with children or cats. 

Baxter still has a ways to go with his manners, but is improving. He’s a bit mouthy when he’s excited and he gets really squirmy with excitement when being petted. He catches on to new cues quickly though and is fun to work with as he is very food motivated! He has to sit and wait to be released before going through doors, exiting his crate and before eating. He knows ‘look at me’ which helps a lot with the ‘wait’ cue. 

With the right family, he will thrive and be a great addition! He will bring much joy and entertainment to someone’s life! If you are an approved home and looking for a high energy Airedale, please contact Paula Lackner at or 715-584-5961.