Ready for Adoption
11 years 3 weeks
63 lbs
Contact for more information : 
Barb Oimas 989 837-5855
Other dog ok?: 
Cat ok?: 

Archie is a very friendly and young at heart boy that was surrendered because his owner died from Covid.  Archie has spent his life up to now as an outdoor dog and was chained to a dog house.  He has been in Rescue since the last week of January and making good progress.   Archie has been an inside dog since that time and there have been ZERO accidents. He has arthritis in his hips and neck and is on pain pills, muscle relaxers and joint supplements.  Archie would benefit from a home that has minimal steps due to his mobility issues.  He is hard of hearing and has some vision loss.  With all that said, he is a very happy boy that loves people and gets along well with other dogs.  (If he is out on a walk with his person and another dog approaches them - Archie can be a bit protective of his person.)  We do not know about how he interacts with small animals such as a cat; he has not been around any as far as we know thus far.  Due to his age and health issues he does tire easily.  Archie has not been inside of a car very much, so understandably has anxiety when going any place.  It would likely be nice if he finds a home here in Michigan or very close to it.


If you have any interest in Archie please email  me and I will be glad to answer any questions.