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3 years 1 month
65 lbs
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Aimee is a playful and happy dog.  This 3.1 year old, 65 pound Airedale is full of energy and especially likes to play tug! You should be ready for 3 vigorous walks a day and to have an ample backyard to attend to this loving and energetic dog. She does well with small dogs; care should be taken when introducing her to other large dogs - she tenses for some at first but does appear to eventually get along with most any other dog. She is fine and non-aggressive with any people and children. She may play a little too rough with very young children or a baby.
Aimee is house trained and crate trained but prefers the run of the house and a yard. Keep track of your socks or she will get them! She is smart, knows to come, sit and to stay, but could use some more training on leash and obedience. She does learn what she is taught, but needs work to not jump on people and counter surf. She was allowed on furniture in her previous home. Aimee was crated many hours in her previous home and she longs to be in a home where her family is home a lot so she can just be part of the family! She has a big heart with lots of love to give.